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Lost at Lemon Lake

I’ve been spending quite a bit of time at Lemon Lake (LL) over in Indiana practicing for the upcoming World Championships. Many discs have been lost and will be lost out there at LL. I’ve lost my share, that’s for sure. I took it to a new level this week and went and lost my phone out there. Other than that little problem, my practice rounds have been going well.  I’m feeling fresh and confident coming into the World Championship week. Here’s to hoping I don’t lose anything else at LL over the next ten days.

Back At It

Finally, this weekend I’m getting back at it. Haven’t playing in a tournament since Beaver State Fling! Its been a good break, in which I’ve used to do some fun things with friends and family.  I’ve also been getting a good amount of practice in. My Bullseye practice basket hasn’t got too much of a break.

This weekend I’ll be competing for the Illinois State Disc Golf Championship.  This is one of my favorite events of the year. I’m currently the back to back runner up at IL States.  I’m working hard to try and not make it 3 years in a row. The tournament takes place at one of my favorite local courses in Joliet- Highland Park.

The World Championships are right around the corner as well. They are being held at the Lemon Lake disc golf complex in Cedar Lake, IN.  Its only a little over an hour for me to drive to ‘Lemon’, so I’ve been getting a good amount of practice in there. I’m looking forward to a week of disc golf competition.  Its a beautiful thing when you wake up and the only thing that you have to do is play disc golf.

Back to practice putting.

Checking in from the Northwest

After a fun weekend of disc golf in IL, Ashley and I flew out Sunday night for Portland, OR.  We’re here to play in the Beaver State Fling and also to visit good friends. Our yearly trip to Portland is always a favorite.

Prior to nearly missing our flight, I played in two tournaments- The Sinnissippi Open and then Leo B’s Hundred Dolla Holla on Sunday.  On Saturday, I played one of my best rounds of the year during the first round.  I played a bogey free round that included 15 twos over 24 holes! This was not a duece or die layout either. My 2nd round was not so hot. I was able to hang on and win the tournament by one stroke. On Sunday, I grinded it out at Trinity Links in Lockport, IL at the Leo B Holler.  Too many bogey strokes during R1 killed me. I played a solid 2nd round and was able to finish in a tie for 3rd and a healthy payday for a little unsanctioned event. Congrats to Fierke for slaying it 2nd round and taking down the W.

We’ve been hanging at our good friend, Steve’s place for the past few days.  Got a chance to check out Blue Lake, which will be a course played in the World Championships in 2014.  Tough course with tons of OB. Other than that, we’ve been out to Milo McIver prepping for the BSF this weekend. The weather is looking to take a turn for hot, which is nothing new for us. We’re prepared and looking forward to the event.

On Monday, we’re going to head to the Oregon Coast for the day/night and get in some beach time. I could live out here, but it is just too far away from family. Thanks for reading and I’ll try and update again sometime soon.

Kansas City Wide Open

Last year, upon leaving the Kansas City Wide Open (KCWO), I had an awful taste in my mouth.  I was amidst an awful stretch of disc golf.  My game was way off. It was my first year attending the KCWO and I was blown away by the greatness of the event.  It was awesomely organized and I enjoyed myself very much, when off the course that is.

Flash forward to the present.  I’m back at the KCWO and looking to redeem myself for my lackluster performance the prior year.  A positive mindset combined with solid putting and only a few bogies helped lead me to my best National Tour finish of my career.  With a solid final round, I snuck into the top 10, finishing in a tie for 9th.  I was rewarded with a solid payday and an invite to the United States Disc Golf Championship.

On top of the positive mindset, good putting and minimal bogies I have to give some credit to the Vibram Lace. Shot after shot, the Lace performed for me.  I had some really great 400+ foot drives that flew perfectly straight.  If I needed a distance shot to finish to the right, the Lace was up to the challenge. Countless upshots with my Ridge put me in contention for birdies.  As always, the Ridge performed well, especially when the winds were up.

This was also the first tournament (and first time ever) that I wore a Big Hyzer Ergo bag. The Ergo is a newly released bag that I have to give some credit to.  Playing on the long and hilly KC courses in crazy heat and humidity is not easy. You need all the energy you can get.  The Ergo was honestly a joy to have on my back. It distributes the weight very nicely and comfortably. I’m glad that I didn’t have to lug my old bag around those hills all weekend. As of 6-15, they are available for sale at the above link.

Big thanks to everyone in KC for putting on another great show.  I plan on being back next year and hopefully I’ll be able to recruit some more players to come down and see what its all about.

ILL Series = Over

It was originally going to be a quick Spring series, but due to courses flooding twice, we stretched it out a little bit.  The Finale was held in Streator, IL at the beautiful Marilla Park on June 8.  80 players came out and enjoyed the challenging Marilla course. Congrats to the Series Winners- Open: Alan Wagner, Advanced: Kyle Chapman, Intermediate: Matt Skrogstad, Rec: Brennan Krenz, Novice: Jeremiah Bly, Int. Women: Judy Reiter, Adv. Sr. GM: Mark Harston.

Big thanks to all of our sponsors and even bigger thanks to the players.  I’ll be doing a ‘Thank You’ post series raffle.  You get your name entered for each event played, but if you played all three you get your name in five times.  I’ve got some great prizes, like a Big Hyzer 8 Frame Bag as well as ILL Series Discs and more. I leave to play in the Kansas City Wide Open National Tour on Wed, so the raffle may have to wait until I return.

Until next time,

Lunch at the Finale

Pine Hills will be out at the Finale this Saturday taking lunch orders during registration/check in.  A few different wraps will be available as well as pizza.  Cost will be around $5 (2 slices of ‘za or a wrap and chips).  Ottawa Sparkling Beverage will be on hand selling old school bottles of soda as well.

Marilla Park Still Wet

With the onslaught of rain we’ve had lately, Marilla Park has some standing water.  No, it is not nearly as bad as this past April when we had to cancel the event.  We will have to tweak a few things to make it work though.

-Play hole 3 Tee to 4 Basket
-After playing to hole 4′s Basket, walk up the road to the upper portion of the park to play 3 temp holes.
-Upon finishing the 3 temp holes, play hole 5 w/standing water on right OUT OF BOUNDS.  I will have this water flagged out.  All other water on course will be played as casual water (minus the creek).
-For hole 6, we will use hole 4′s teepad
-Hole 15 (the awesome par 5 aka signature hole) will be shortened to a par 4 due to standing water near the basket.
Please remember that hole 12 has a mandatory, which is marked by an arrow. On hole 15 it is mandatory that you play to the left of 14′s basket.

There is quite a bit of poison ivy at the course, so plan accordingly.

Monster House Finale Finally Rescheduled for June 8!

Yep, thats right! The Finale, due to flooding was cancelled on April 21 and is now on for Sat. June 8.  It was quite a difficult task finding a makeup date with the packed Illinois disc golf schedule, but we got it done.  Unfortunately, there is a club event going on in Streamwood that day, but if we didn’t choose this day it may not have been until July or August… I encourage those of you who were planning on the Streamwood Club Event to stick with your plans.  For those of you coming down to Streator, it is shaping up to be a heck of an event.  The first 50 Am’s get a shirt for the player pack, so please pre-register to guarantee you get your preferred size!

Thanks for your understanding!

Rumble Ramble

I had a great weekend at the Rumble.  The courses and tournament were both awesome.  The weekend started out with a player check in at Bent River Brewing (brewpub).  The food was good and I enjoyed one of their beers, “The Dry Hopped”.  Instead of having a second, I moved on to water.  I wanted my body to be ready to go in the morning.

The tournament started at Camden 2, which is an unbelievably awesome wooded course.  Minutes before the round started I was hit with a disc (a putter) that someone threw without much warning.  It didn’t hurt me physically, but it definitely shook me up mentally.  So I started poorly, 3 putting and taking a double bogey on my first hole.  It didn’t get any better after that until about 6 holes in when I finally scored my first birdie. I started to piece together a pretty solid round, scoring some tough birdies.  Unfortunately, I bogeyed 2 of my last 4 holes and missed one of the shortest holes on the course to finish my round.  I shot a 60, which I wasn’t too thrilled about.  On the bright side, I stayed positive during the round and got to witness a hot round of 52 by Robbie Olsen!

The second round was at Middle Park over in IA and I was looking to go low this round.  I started out with birdies on 6/7 first holes.  Only one of the birdies was on a par 3, the rest were par 4s and one par 5.  Unfortunately, I ran into some problems later in the round with scoring birdies.  I threw out of bounds on an easy hole (18) and missed my par putt.  I was only able to muster another birdie 2 before my round was over.  I had a chance for a really special round, but ended up with a 53 instead and an average 1015′ish rated round.

The third and final round took place at West Lake, which is a 24 hole beast of a course in Davenport, IA.  This course just beats you down over and over.  I love it.  I’m a big fan of highly difficult holes where many different shots and decisions are required.  Other than a few bad breaks, I played a very solid round.  I finished with birdies on my last two holes and ended up with a very respectable 78.  I had started the round out in 15th place and somehow managed to move all the way up into 5th place.

I had it in the back of my mind to just hang in there until we get to West Lake and then get hot.  I stuck with it and played my game and actually made a few putts.  I can only recall one putt that I would have really liked back and if you can say that after a round of 24 holes, I’d say thats a pretty good thing.

I highly recommend playing in next years Rumble, or getting to one of the many tournaments that Iron Lion runs.  If you can’t do that, take a trip over to the QC and experience some of their top notch courses, brick and mortar disc golf store (Iron Lion) and local beer at one of two Bent River Breweries.  I’d also like to give a big thanks to Vibram Disc Golf for helping me out and providing me with some of the best discs on the market. Also thanks to Paragon, Plastic Addicts, Big Hyzer Bags and Whirld Sports.  PS if someone finds a Whilrd Sports Scepter at West Lake, I lost mine!

Ready to Rumble

I’m excited to get down to the Quad Cities (IL/IA) this weekend for The Rumble! It is an A-Tier tournament that will be played on 3 courses- Camden 2, Middle and West Lake.  All 3 are great courses and offer slightly different challenges.  I’m not sure if I believe it or not, but the weatherman is calling for temps in the 70s.