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Hello From Arizona

Arizona has been great so far.  Warm weather disc golf is amazing after 3 months of cold disc golf back home.  I caught up with The Disc Golf Guy for a quick video log the other day- CLICK HERE

I tee off tomorrow at Vista del Camino Park at 1:06.  I got lucky and get to play with a great card full of friends- Robbie Olsen, Paul Uli, and Eric McCabe.  For results after the rounds- CLICK HERE
To watch live coverage go to Disc Golf Planet TV and you can get live scoring via the PDGA on twitter, by following them.

Heading out to Vista for a practice round and to go to the Fly Mart today.  I’m going to play a practice round and get some putting in. Not planning on throwing too much as I’d like to be nice and fresh for tomorrows round.

I’d like to welcome on Vibram Disc Golf to the ILL Spring Series

Vibram Disc Golf is once again stepping up to the plate, this time they have agreed to being the presenting sponsor for the ILL Spring Series!  We will have Vibram CTP’s at each event, a contest where you can win a pair of Vibram Bikila 5 Fingers and some sweet Vibram swag to give away.  Those 5 Fingers I mentioned, well we have a pair to give away at EACH EVENT! Everyone will get a chance to throw some Vibram and win some prizes.  Sounds win-win to me.  For more info on Vibram Disc Golf, check out

Also look for the release of the X-Link Firm Lace in early March, that is if you are interested in throwing really, really far…

Big Thanks to Monster House

I’d like to thank Monster House for jumping on and sponsoring the ILL Spring Series!  Charles Holz and Monster House will be presenting either the Swinging Bridge Open or The Finale at Marilla Park.  If you are looking for a sweet tye dye shirt, Charles and Monster House is the place to go. **Find them on facebook at- Monster House Dyes and Disc Golf

LEL Photography

Need to give a quick shout out to Lauren for letting me use a lot of her sweet pictures on my website.  Check out her website or find her on Facebook at LEL Photography.  LL is definitely one of the best and most respected disc golf photographers out there. Thanks, LL!
(Me accepting the Spirit Award at the ’12 Vibram Open


Pine Hills Ice Bowl = Huge Success!

Big thanks to everyone who made it to Pine Hills for the 2nd Annual Ice Bowl.  As of now, over $1200 has been raised. Donations are actually still coming in.  Unfortunately, we did not get the extra $500 from Kohls.  We needed 5 employees to come volunteer in order for Kohls to donate.  Hopefully we can get them back working with us next year.  A ton of canned food items are waiting to be weighed.  I’m guessing it is near 500 pounds.  Last year, with the help of Kohls, we raised $1100. Once I have the official numbers of ’13, I will post.

Special Thanks to our sponsors- Pine Hills, Deschutes Brewery, Wirtz Beverage, Monster House, Michelle Armstrong