Dana’s Sponsors

I have been lucky enough to get hooked up with some really great sponsors.  Not only do these guys offer great products, but they are also great people too!  Please consider supporting those that support me.

Vibram Disc Golf- Golf Discs

Vibram.  Most out there have heard of Vibram, but don’t really realize it.  Vibram is most recognized for their rubber soles on shoes and boots.  In 2008, they jumped into the disc golf game and haven’t looked back.  A presenting sponsor of the PDGA National Tour, Vibram is driving the sport and helping take it to new levels.  Vibram’s rubber based golf discs are the most unique and durable on the market. Take a few clicks over to the “In the Bag” section to see what I’m throwing and why

Paragon Disc Golf- Disc Golf Apparel


I’ve been friends with Miles Parkhill (Paragon/Miles Teeshirts) for a few years now.  Miles is one of the most stand-up guys I know.  He runs a great business and loves to help out fellow disc golfers.  The club/tournament deal that he offers is unbeatable.  For $12, you or your club can get a custom dry fit, bag tag and towel. Give him a call and he’ll take care of you.

Whirld Sports- Specialized Equipment, The Sceptor

I can’t even count how many discs the Sceptor has saved in the past three years for me.  Then I think about how many times the Sceptor has saved me from bending over to pick up discs.  If you’re serious about practice like I am, then you need one of these.  I also suggest to those of you that play on a course with water on a daily basis or a course that has trees that eat discs up to pick up a Sceptor.  Keep your shoes dry and save yourself from sappy hands after climbing a tree to save a disc. Check out the video over at whirldsports.com!

Plastic Addicts
Johnny over at Plastic Addicts has a great selection of discs.  He’s also runs a solid tournament.  If you are a Plastic Addict like I am, you will like what Johnny has to offer. Type in the special code, “Dana V”  during your checkout for a discount!

Big Hyzer Bag Co.
John Chamness is making some awesome bags down there in Alabama! I’m currently carrying the Ergo2, which is without bias, one of the best bags on the market. I fit roughly 23 discs in there pretty easily and because of its ergonomic design, it is super comfy and easy to carry. If you place an order, use the code dv26228 for a special discount!

I’m always open for new sponsors, if you are interested, please give me a call 815-575-1917

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