What is Dana Throwing in 2014?

Updated Feb 2014

Vibram (all Vibram is made in X-Link Rubber)
Firm Ridge X’s 3. I have two Firms that I use only for putting. I’ve got one broken in Firm Ridge that I use for jump putts and straight shots.
Medium Ridge. This is my main throwing Ridge. I use it any situation and feel that it is one of the best all around putters on the market.
Medium VP. This is the disc I grab when the winds are up.  The VP is overstable and loves to be thrown in the wind.
Medium Summit- I use the M Summit for a lot of jump putts and for hyzer flip shots.  If I have a tricky line in the woods, I’m usually using a Summit.
’13 VO Summit. These special Summits are half Firm and half Medium.  This version of the Summit came out a little more stable.  I love watching the white and red fly towards the bucket.

Firm Ibex X’s 2.  I have one Ibex that is very broken in. I love throwing this one with a little bit of hyzer and watching it pop up and fly straight and finish right. I also have another Firm that just goes straight. I usually cycle a few of these in and out throughout the year.
Medium Ibex. Right now I have a new Ibex that is slightly overstable, compared to my Firms
Medium Obex- I picked up an M Obex last Winter and it hasn’t left my bag since! It’s still flying with the same nice, predictable flight.  I’ve found myself reaching for the Obex a lot more often lately.

Fairway Drivers:
Medium Trak X’s 2.  I have one very broken in Trak that is a hyzer flip dream in the woods and then another that flys much straighter.  If you were looking for your first driver, I would suggest the Trak.
Firm Ascent.  When I need something a little more stable than my Trak, I usually grab for my Ascent.

Distance Drivers:
Medium Lace X’s 2.  I have two Laces in the bag and they are both M.  One is a little less stable than the other.  I generally am pulling these out for huge tailwind drives.  I can release these with hyzer and have them fly 400 ft and finish right.  Its a thing of beauty.
Firm Lace. I just got a few F Laces and boy do they feel good.  I’ve only gotten a few throws with them, but I can tell that I’m going to like these once the weather warms up.
Glow O-Lace X’s 2- The Glow O-Lace is the perfect compliment to the straight Lace. I can trust the O-Lace when the wind is up. I can also count on that Lace like distance. The Glow O-Lace came out a little more overstable than the regular M and F versions.
Medium/Firm O-Lace- I’m testing both of these out, not sure if I will carry both or just stick with the Glows.
Medium/Firm UnLace- I’m mostly using these for long distance rolling duties. They are both very understable discs. Most the time, if you see me throwing one of these it will be (hopefully) rolling a long way.

Now because Vibram does not have a full lineup yet, I’m allowed to throw other company’s discs.  I throw an Eagle for overstable fairway shots, a Firebird for my overstable utility shots and Destroyers for my overstable distance needs.  I look forward to the day when I can look down into my bag and only see rubber!

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